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The Best Collection Software in 2024 : Complete Guide

Introduction to the Importance of Collections in Credit Management In the business world of 2024, effective collections management is crucial to a company’s financial health. Cash collection has…

Collection software, find the one you need!

ASTON AI collection software user club

ASTON AI, the fintech dedicated to adding value to customer invoices, continues to hold meetings with its user club: ASTON Club. “Every year, Aston Day brings together numerous customers and key partners who use the Aston Cash Collection platform on a daily basis.

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Celge ASTON AI Cash Collection

source : Celge Celge article Aston AI Cash Collection The financial aspect is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of an income-generating activity.…

Microsoft App Source

ASTON AI, collection software now available online on the Microsoft Marketplace.

For the first time in the world of collection software, the company can benefit from a “freemium” offer, i.e. instant use of the software with a free month’s trial with no commitment. No more long IT integration processes thanks to SaaS and Cloud for immediate use. ASTON AI software in SaaS mode runs on Microsoft Azure. It can be implemented quickly, allowing for a simple and 100% digital customer experience. Available from 45 €/month/user on the market place.

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Appvizer Top 5 best collection software : Aston AI Cash Collection

Are you looking for a debt collection software? Aston AI and its platform Aston Cash collection is one of the 5 best software available on the market

credit manager

The best collection software in 2022

The best collection software in 2022 Why use a collection software? It is essential to use credit management and debt collection software to improve your company’s cash flow.…

Collection software: why use one?

Collection software: why use one? To facilitate the life of your company and finally have invoices paid on time. Source : …


How to choose debt collection software

ComptePro What is debt collection software? Why use a debt collection solution? What features does debt collection software offer? …


5 advantages of good collection software

By Andre Litali, editorial and business content editor at Cadre Dirigeant Magazine, Paris 2022   When running a business, it is often the…