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ASTON AI, collection software now available online on the Microsoft Marketplace.

ASTON AI, Order To Cash collection software: 1st French Fintech available online on Microsoft Marketplace


After naming fintech ASTON AI a Gold Partner, Microsoft is now offering Aston AI’s SaaS Cash Collection collection and credit management software on its App Source Marketplace, giving it worldwide visibility.

Indeed, Microsoft allows you to find an application adapted to your company’s needs on its App Source Marketplace. Solutions that drive innovation, generate results and help you get the most out of these SaaS services for your business.

TheAston AI Cash Collection software solution is now immediately available online in the Microsoft Marketplace.

For the first time in the world of collection software, ASTON AI Cash Collection allows the company to benefit from a “freemium” offer. That is, instant use of the software with a free month’s trial with no commitment. Say goodbye to lengthy IT integration processes, thanks to Microsoft SaaS and Cloud Azure for immediate use.

This is the result of a 10-year collaboration between ASTON AI and Microsoft by adopting the best practices and technology available on Microsoft’s Azure platforms: SaaS, Cloud, BI, AI.

The ASTON AI collection software, available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, can be used immediately, allowing for a seamless and 100% digital customer experience.

Available from 45 €/month/user on the Microsoft Azure market place and the Aston AI website.

Thanks to Aston AI’s SaaS collection software, companies automate on average 80% of their collection actions and increase their cash flow by 50%.

ASTON AI’s ambition is to bring, thanks to technological innovation (Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence), the solution to late payments and unpaid invoices for companies.

In fact, in France alone, unpaid invoices represent 56 billion Euros per year, 25% of SME bankruptcies and more than one invoice out of two is paid late, even though 54% of CFOs declare that they want to finance their growth by improving their working capital.

Strengthening of the ASTON AIMicrosoft Marketplace partnership

ASTON AI is a member of the France Fintech association.

ASTON Cash Collection one month free trial

ASTON AI : Added value

Aston AI offers an Order To Cash (OTC) solution for companies. These solutions are based on the best use of SaaS with 100% digital, multi-device paths and benefiting from both Artificial Intelligence and data. AI can be used to identify and manage risks, enabling the company to send reminders to its counterparty at the most appropriate time, or to finance its customer invoices.

For companies, ASTON AI Cash Collection: PRO, VSE, SME and ETI allows automatic dunning actions to be carried out on receivables at the right time, thanks in particular to the use of Artificial Intelligence. The platform allows to identify, thanks to the analysis of the data for each counterparty, the expected collection time and the risk incurred. Tracking disputes. Dashboards allow you to have the desired axes of analysis for a 360° vision of your receivables.

DownloadASTON AI Cash CollectionASTON AI Cash Collection, collection software.