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The Cash Collection Revolution with Artificial Intelligence

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming many sectors, including cash collection. At the heart of this transformation is Aston AI, an innovative software program that integrates…

The Best Collection Software in 2024 : Complete Guide

Introduction to the Importance of Collections in Credit Management In the business world of 2024, effective collections management is crucial to a company’s financial health. Cash collection has…

Follow up your customers by SMS with Aston ai

Transform your customer collection strategies with Aston Cash Collection (ACC) – your innovative multi-channel solution now includes SMS reminders! Discover how ACC revolutionizes communication with your customers.” Problem…

Collection software, find the one you need!

ASTON AI collection software user club

ASTON AI, the fintech dedicated to adding value to customer invoices, continues to hold meetings with its user club: ASTON Club. “Every year, Aston Day brings together numerous customers and key partners who use the Aston Cash Collection platform on a daily basis.

Integration and Flexibility: The Keys to Success with Aston AI

In today’s business world, the harmonization of different IT systems is essential for efficient company management. Aston AI stands out not only for its advanced debt collection features,…

The Financial Benefits of Efficient Collection Management with Aston AI

Effective debt collection management is a fundamental pillar of a company’s financial health. Aston AI, as an innovative collection solution, offers significant direct and indirect financial benefits. This…

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Aston AI: Transform Your Cash Collection Management

In today’s business world, effective debt collection management is essential to maintaining financial health. Aston AI is a revolutionary solution in this field, offering multiple advantages to its…

ASTON AI x Elliphere: Discover the Ellisphere rating on ACC

Discover Aston AI’s new feature: the Ellisphere financial rating

Microsoft appoints ASTON AI Gold Partner

Paris, France ASTON AI, FinTech specialist in digital credit management and collection platforms, is proud to have its Microsoft Gold Partner certification renewed.