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Follow up your customers by SMS with Aston ai

Transform your customer collection strategies with Aston Cash Collection (ACC) – your innovative multi-channel solution now includes SMS reminders! Discover how ACC revolutionizes communication with your customers.”

Problem contextualization
“In a world where emails are easily lost in cluttered inboxes, it’s crucial to diversify the methods of communicating with your customers. Aston Cash Collection positions itself as the ideal solution for effective, diversified dunning.”

Solution overview
“ACC offers you a flexible platform for getting in touch with your customers not only by email, phone and post, but also – and this is a great new feature – by SMS. This functionality is enhanced by a direct response option, promoting more dynamic and constructive exchanges with your customers.”

Specific benefits of SMS
“SMS dunning with ACC opens the door to real-time communication, essential for maintaining a fluid, responsive dialogue with your customers. All exchanges are instantly integrated into your ACC timeline, guaranteeing seamless traceability and organization.”

Trial offer and Call-to-Action
“Experience the power of the ACC platform free of charge for one month, with no commitment. Take advantage of this exclusive feature and see for yourself the positive impact on your collection process. Click here to start your free trial now. For more information or a personalized demonstration, make an appointment with our sales team by clicking here.”

“Join the many companies that have already optimized their customer collection process with Aston Cash Collection. Get started today and see the difference!”

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