Customer Portal

Customer portal


Diplomatically follow up on your customer invoices.

Give your customers access to a secure portal.

Communicate in real time with your customers.

This gives your customers direct access to their invoices, outstanding amounts and dunning history.

They can answer you directly online.

And pay their bills in one click.

You can test the ACC platform for free for one month, without commitment, by clicking here.

For more information, make an appointment directly with one of our sales representatives by clicking here .

Collaborative customer portal


Offer your customers access to their information within your collection reminder.

Your client can:

  • consult and download all its PDF invoices
  • to have a synthetic view of his account statement (total outstanding, outstanding due, average delay)
  • answer you directly online via its dialog box
  • your platform is then immediately enriched with its response in your dunning file and timeline

Moreover, your customer can pay you directly online in one click thanks to the secure payment link!

Today, recreate the link with your customers and diplomatically dungeon up your invoices thanks to our customer portal.

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“I send my customers a secure payment link by email or sms and get paid immediately!”

Olivier A.

Olivier A.

of online payment

Get paid in one click, enjoy simplified accounting management and increase your cash flow with ASTON Pay. Offer online payment in cash or in 3, 4 or 10 instalments.

Offer online payment of your customer invoices

⊙ Offer a simple and immediate method of payment to your customers: by CB or bank transfer

⊙Increase your cash flow with a 100% paperless instant payment platform

⊙ Collect payment for your customer invoices without delay with fast settlement and instant acceptance

⊙ Create an account in a few clicks to accept payments easily and securely

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“I send my customers a secure payment link by email or sms and get paid immediately!”

Olivier A.

Olivier A.

Optimize your revenues and improve the customer experience

With Aston AI, offer your customers innovative new payment experiences that simplify the shopping experience

⊙ Enjoy multi-channel payment, in one or more installments, by bank transfer, SEPA direct debit or CB

⊙ Send a payment request via the settlement link or flash code


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Aston AI has enabled us to considerably reduce overdue payments and payment times.

Emmanuel P.

Emmanuel P.

Fractional payment Btob and BtoC

Get paid right away and offer your customers the possibility to pay online in 3, 4, or 10 times

⊙ Sell +

⊙ 0 risk

⊙ Increased customer satisfaction

⊙ Payment in 3, 4 or 10 times

⊙ Receive your entire bill instantly

⊙ Supported recovery

“I have a much clearer view of my outstanding payments.”

Pierre F.
Credit Manager

Pierre F.