Collaborative management

Collaborative platform for collection reminders

⊙ Share information within your organization and strengthen collaboration: finance, collections, management, branch managers, sales people…
⊙ Distribute and share task tracking as dunning cases progress
⊙ Develop the Order to Cash culture
⊙ Assign to the people of your choice the actions to be performed
⊙ Inform and notify the collaborators of your choice

100% web-based platform: share information in real time.

  • Available 24/7.
  • On all web browsers, in the office, at work, on the road.
  • Secured access by dedicated login.
  • Information sharing via notepad, email and notifications

Collaborative platform

Be automatically alerted on your platform of important information

Alerts, notifications, dashboards, e-mail reporting invoice dunning collect customer invoices

Collaborative client notepad

Share customer information between teams


notepad collection software

Alerts, notifications, e-mail reporting

Inform your employees by e-mail

reporting collection software

Reduction of your customer outstanding

Manage your customers’ payment terms efficiently and reduce your outstanding amounts.

Decrease in processing time

Reduce your workload by automating your accounts receivable collection procedures.

Strengthening collaboration

Involve all parties involved in a smooth and efficient way to integrate the cash culture throughout the company.

Integrating Aston ai into your accounting system

Take advantage of an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that connects directly to your accounting system.

Improvement of your customer relationship

Build trust by notifying your customers of upcoming deadlines and thanking them for their payments.

Risk prevention

Avoid unpaid bills, disputes and litigation through sound and preventive management of your debt collections.