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Optimize your Order to Cash processes

100% SaaS Order To Cash software

Optimize your cash flow and collect receivables faster by automating up to 80% of your reminder management with our innovative, multi-currency Order-To-Cash platform.

Get a global view of your customers thanks to our dashboards and BI reporting tools, efficiently manage your dispute workflows, give your sales reps access, improve your scoring, use our integrated payment platform and benefit from a collaborative platform with a customized system of notifications and alerts.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in integrating ERP and accounting software.

Multi-currency, multi-language, multi-branch, multi-country platform

⊙ Multi-currency consolidation

⊙ Multi-accounting / Multi-ERP connector
⊙ 100% Cloud / 100% SaaS software
⊙ ISO 27001 security

Aston AI is a multi-currency platform. It enables you to manage your accounts receivable in different currencies, which is particularly useful if you operate in international countries or markets. You can also view data and reports in the currency of your choice for a better understanding of your accounts receivable.

Currency conversion rates are updated automatically, giving you an overview of your consolidated receivables.

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“Multi-currency management of data and dashboards is a major asset, enabling country-by-country management and multi-subsidiary consolidation.”

Cash flow forecast

Thanks to Aston AI’s Artificial Intelligence, the cash flow forecast enables companies to estimate their future customer cash inflows. It is an invaluable tool for order-to-cash management, enabling you to make informed credit management decisions and forecast cash requirements in advance.

⊙ Platform-wide data collection
⊙ Estimated settlements by amount and date
⊙ Real-time calculation of cash flow forecasts

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“Thanks to Aston AI’s Artificial Intelligence, Aston’s cash flow forecast shows me a vision much closer to reality”.


Customer Scoring

Using Aston AI’s intelligent scoring, companies can make informed decisions about their receivables management, optimize collections and minimize the risk of non-payment.


⊙ Scoring of each customer’s payment behavior and its evolution over time
⊙ Associate the right automatic dunning strategy according to risk level and share it within the company
⊙ All your customer information consolidated in one place
⊙ All the key indicators you need to view your receivables situation in real time

“Aston AI’s real-time scoring is the ideal complement to the ratings of my rating agency and my credit insurer”.

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Collection of trade receivables

⊙ Reduce your payment times/DSO and gain in productivity
⊙ Automate your cash collection process
⊙ Analyze your customer risk in real time with intelligent scoring
⊙ Modify your dunning scenarios, mail templates or customer portfolios with a single click
⊙ Automatically organize and prioritize the work of your collections team
⊙ Categorize your customers with dynamic portfolios

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“The advantage over my previous provider’s platform is that I can modify my models and scenarios directly in the platform, with complete autonomy.

collection software

Dispute management

Aston AI makes it easy to manage disputes, providing you with a comprehensive tool for tracking them, resolving them collaboratively and analyzing trends to improve your processes.

⊙ Categorization: You can organize your customer station by customizing your own dispute reasons. This allows you to easily visualize the status of each dispute and take appropriate action.
⊙Collaborative workflow: Aston AI lets you follow the steps in the dispute resolution process in a collaborative way. You can assign tasks to different people and track their progress.
⊙Faster resolution: Thanks to the workflow tracking tool, you can speed up dispute resolution by identifying the actions to be taken and tracking their progress through a dated timeline.
⊙Analysis: The platform offers you detailed dashboards and reports on disputes. This enables you to analyze the frequent causes of disputes, identify problem areas and implement corrective actions to avoid future disputes.

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“Thanks to Aston AI’s collaborative workflow, disputes are tracked by creating, notifying and alerting the relevant person in my fiance and sales teams.”

Business dashboards

⊙ Get a 360° consolidated view of your receivables
⊙ Analyze your performance in one click for each level of your organization (group, subsidiary, customer portfolio, …)
⊙ Consolidate in real time: outstandings, overdue outstandings, credit limits, sales, DSO, aged trial balance, disputes in real time, …
⊙ Analyze your customer risk with our intelligent predictive scoring
⊙ Anticipate your cash flow forecast
⊙ Monitor and organize the work of your dunning and collection teams


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“I appreciate its ergonomics and its very visual and relevant dashboards. The plus: the monitoring of the overall DSO and by client.”

Payment platform

Collection with an online payment link

⊙ Get paid faster and save your customers time with an online settlement link. Your customers can pay you in one click by bank transfer, CB or SEPA direct debit
⊙ Increase your customer’s satisfaction by offering them split payment in three, four or ten times
⊙ You are paid immediately with zero risk, 100% of the invoice amount being guaranteed by our services, granting an increase in your turnover of 20% on average

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“The combination of customer portal and payment links significantly improves customer satisfaction, collection rates and speed of settlement.”

Connected credit insurance

⊙ Limit and insure your payment risks
⊙ Bring up your credit insurance limits directly from the platform and cross-reference them with your actual outstandings.
⊙ Consolidate all information in one place: scoring, internal collateral limits, insurance limits, external noations, etc.
⊙ Receive personalized, intelligent notifications in real time to help you manage your order-to-cash process.

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“I have the option of being notified when my outstanding customer balance crosses my insurer’s limit”.

Automated factoring

⊙ Connect directly to the Factor of your choice
⊙ Automate your factoring assignments
⊙ Consult your financing account in real time

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“Within the framework of my factoring contract, I can keep the reminder-collection and monitoring of my accounts receivable, as the platform brings up the factor’s financing information files”.

AI, Artificial Intelligence, at the service of Order To Cash

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ASTON AI has been recognized for its innovation in AI and Big Data in the development of our Order To Cash software by winning several prestigious awards, testifying to our commitment to cutting-edge technology and our ability to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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