Credit Management

Credit Management

Control your risk with an overview of key KPIs

Track and customize your disputes with a brand new management module

Recognized by credit management leaders for managing diversified global portfolios

Litigation follow-up

Track and customize your disputes with a brand new dispute management module:

⊙ Categorize and classify all your disputes

⊙ Trace them with a collaborative workflow

⊙ Speed up dispute resolution with the action timeline

⊙ Each action is dated with an action manager

⊙ Find the analysis of your disputes in our dashboards

⊙ Improve your processes by understanding the most frequent causes of disputes


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DSO follow-up

Improve your cash flow by reducing your DSO

⊙ Analyze and compare your DSO and BPDSO

⊙ Quickly measure areas for improvement on a given set of debtors

⊙ Reduce your payment times and DSO

⊙ Rapidly increase productivity

⊙ Take advantage of a consolidated view of outstanding receivables, customers to be dunned, disputes

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Customer Scoring

Analyze your customer risk with our intelligent predictive scoring :

⊙ Scoring of each customer’s payment behavior and its evolution over time

⊙ Analyze the risk, share it within the company

⊙ Match the right automatic dunning strategy to the level of risk

⊙ All your customer information in one place

⊙ Key indicators to immediately visualize the customer situation


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Geographical breakdown of sales and credit risk

⊙ Consolidate all information in one place

⊙ Analyze your performance in one click for each level of your organization (group, subsidiary, geographical area, customer portfolio …).

⊙ Get a 360° consolidated view of your receivables


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We cover our customers’ needs
whatever their size.

Our collection software is designed to ensure efficient collection of your receivables, whatever the size of your business.



Aston AI is a debt collection solution tailored to the specific needs of very small businesses, with features that take their limited budgets into account.



Small and medium-sized businesses have different debt collection needs depending on their sector of activity. Aston AI adapts to these needs to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency.



Aston AI is the ideal collection solution for small and medium-sized businesses, offering advanced automation, detailed reporting tools and large-scale receivables management capabilities.

For the past 10 years, Aston AI has been providing expertise to support VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, multinationals, banks and collection agencies with professional collection software tailored to their needs.

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Aston AI is the collection software that meets the needs of your employees.

Innovative collection software

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Our company has been rewarded for its innovation in the development of our collection software with several prestigious awards, testifying to our commitment to cutting-edge technology and our ability to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.