Connectable to all standard accounting and ERP software

Aston Cash Collection is connected to all standard ERP and accounting software to import your data.

Our SaaS software for dunning and collection of customer invoices is designed to integrate quickly and easily with all standard accounting and ERP software. Thanks to this extensive compatibility, you can connect our solution to your existing system effortlessly, guaranteeing smooth implementation and increased efficiency in your receivables management. Simplify your collection processes and improve your cash flow in no time with our intuitive, high-performance solution.

Simple login and dedicated customer support

Login process

1. Registration and Initial Setup :
– Register on our platform in just a few minutes.
– Fill in the information required to set up your account.

2. Automatic integration :
– Thanks to our robust APIs, standard file formats and pre-built connectors, data synchronization is seamless.

3. Customization :
– Customize your collection parameters according to your company’s specific needs.
– Define rules and workflows tailored to your internal processes.

4. Verification and testing :
– Check the integration and run tests to make sure everything’s working properly.
– Our team will guide you through this step to ensure a smooth transition.

5. Training and Deployment :
– Benefit from comprehensive training to optimize your use of our software.
– Deploy the solution to all your users.

Dedicated Customer Support :

1. CSM assistance :
– Our CSM support team is available to answer all your questions and solve any problems.

2. Multichannel support :
– Contact us by phone, email, online chat or via our support center.

– Access our comprehensive knowledge base with guides, FAQs and video tutorials. Ask your questions to our Artificial Intelligence AI module.

3. Dedicated Account Manager :
– A dedicated account manager accompanies you throughout your experience, ensuring that your specific needs are met.

4. Updates and Enhancements :
– Receive regular software updates with new features and improvements based on customer feedback.
– Our technical team ensures that your solution is always state-of-the-art.

5. Continuing education:
– Participate in our Users’ Club: webinars, workshops and training sessions to keep abreast of best practices and new features.

With our simple login process and responsive customer support, enjoy an optimal user experience and focus on what’s most important: growing your business and improving your cash flow.