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ASTON AI collection software user club

ASTON AI, the collections software dedicated to receivables and credit management, continues to host meetings of its user club: ASTON Club.

It regularly brings together numerous customers and key partners who use the Aston AI Cash Collection platform on a daily basis.


With its user club, ASTON AI continues to place its customers and partners at the heart of its innovations, in order to meet the needs of a constantly evolving credit management software market.

“The strong desire we have at ASTON AI to always meet the needs of our customers and partners prompted us to create this club. Who better than them to advise us and work alongside us on our innovations. Our platforms are constantly evolving, and every month we deliver a new option that benefits all our customers. With this club, we continue to work with our most loyal customers and partners to submit our proposals, discuss them together and understand their appetite for this or that product. For ASTON AI, it’s also a way of rewarding the loyalty of our customers and partners by involving them collaboratively in our development, and opening up a space for free exchange between industry professionals. Our platforms are first and foremost those of our users.”

ASTON AI enables BtoB companies to enhance the value of their accounts receivable. The digital collection experience is the key to this success.


ASTON AI is the 1st BtoB platform for receivables recovery:

  • Relaunch your invoices for more cash and short-term financing
  • It offers 4 modules: 360° view of receivables, collection reminder, credit risk management, payment platform.
  • Litigation management, scoring, dso, trial balance, consolidation…
  • Digital, the customer experience has been totally rethought to optimize receivables in just a few clicks and automate 80% of collections.

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contact us: and follow us on Twitter @astonitf.

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