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The Best Collection Software in 2024 : Complete Guide

Introduction to the Importance of Collections in Credit Management In the business world of 2024, effective collections management is crucial to a company’s financial health. Cash collection has…

Microsoft App Source

ASTON AI, collection software now available online on the Microsoft Marketplace.

For the first time in the world of collection software, the company can benefit from a “freemium” offer, i.e. instant use of the software with a free month’s trial with no commitment. No more long IT integration processes thanks to SaaS and Cloud for immediate use. ASTON AI software in SaaS mode runs on Microsoft Azure. It can be implemented quickly, allowing for a simple and 100% digital customer experience. Available from 45 €/month/user on the market place.

Stripe & Aston ai integration

ASTON AI Cash Collection collection software launches its payment platform and integrates with Stripe

credit manager

ASTON AI’s support for credit managers

New technologies are revolutionizing the finance function and offering new solutions to the credit manager, helping him to optimize receivables as well as his relations with the sales departments, which are tending to grow.

Aston AI and Le Nouvel Economiste. Artificial intelligence and big data are at the doorstep of credit management.

Customer risk, credit manager and collection software.
Artificial intelligence and big data are at the doorstep of credit management.
The robots included in the latest collection software already make it possible to transform raw data into a decision-making tool. Credit management must therefore be in step with the times.

Role of the Customer Success Manager, a new and evolving profession

ASTON AI collection software for credit managers is probably not familiar to you. Indeed, coming from the other side of the Atlantic, this new profession is gradually starting to develop in Europe, especially in SaaS and IT companies.

Artificial intelligence at the service of the financial industry

  Today, artificial intelligence is increasingly used in many sectors of activity. Finance is particularly affected. This tends to make certain professions evolve and make the financial sector…

NEW : Aston AI Cash Collection versions Pro, TPE, PME, ETI 2021.

The accounts receivable revolution is underway. Increase your cash flow by 50%. By automating 80% of your dunning actions to collect your receivables. Manage your disputes efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.