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How to choose debt collection software

ComptePro What is debt collection software? Why use a debt collection solution? What features does debt collection software offer? …

The basics of good accounts receivable management

Optimizing management or adopting certain reflexes remains a necessity for all entrepreneurs and managers, and this as far upstream as possible. If you’re inclined to think that you’ll…


5 advantages of good collection software

By Andre Litali, editorial and business content editor at Cadre Dirigeant Magazine, Paris 2022   When running a business, it is often the…


CAPTERRA: comparison of the best collection software

Capterra CAPTERRA is a software comparison and review platform. The leader in this niche, it boasts over a million reviews, all verified. In particular, she has carried out…

order to cash

How do you digitize the Order To Cash process?

What if you too could cut your dunning processing and postponement generation times by a factor of 6? Publisher profile: Aston AI

Aston AI is a Fintech that aims to help companies optimize their receivables through a SaaS collection software platform. The main solutions Our customers From small and medium-sized…

cash culture

Cash culture: how to democratize it in the workplace?

4 non-exhaustive reflections on how to simplify this corporate evolution…


Optimize your dunning and collection with dynamic portfolios

Optimize your dunning and collection with dynamic portfolios The solution for rapidly recovering cash from customer invoices awaiting payment is still dunning. Dynamic relaunching is better! With a…


How to make a successful recovery project?

How to make a successful Aston Cash Collection project? Implementing or migrating to an order-to-cash collection business tool in the Cloud, in SaaS mode, allows…